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It began with a “Treutel”…

As far as I can remember I always had some wool or some kind of fabric at my fingertips. I knitted and crocheted, I embroidered and sewed, and I created my own patterns and designs. From time to time I took courses to enhance my skills. My work, however, remained within the circle of family and friends. Because of a demanding day job as an accountant I could only enjoy crafting as a hobby.

On several holidays in Cornwall I made friends with some crafts women and men who encouraged and inspired me to take up my designing and crafting skills and rediscover my neglected artistic side. I bought a vintage quilt and started designing … ending up with my first item, a drawstring bag. We called it a “Treutel” (derived from my nickname). Once started, the ideas for designs kept on coming. I sold my designs not only to family members, friends and colleagues, but also offered my vintage and handmade products in a friend's shop and at several vintage fairs. At a certain point the growing demand for my work and the positive feedback from customers made me decide to give up my day job and work as a self-employed textile designer. We moved from Germany to Cornwall in 2010 and to Wales in 2015.

While still living and working in Germany I had only managed to fill some space at friends' tables at various Vintage Fairs and the Country Living Magazine Fairs. But since November 2010 I had my own table at numerous smaller fairs, and at the CL Spring Fair in 2011 and 2012 I was part of  "The Sea Garden" stand. In August 2009 two friends and I organised the first HOMESPUN FAIR in Portscatho, Cornwall. It was such a success that we held a HOMESPUN FAIR three times a year until 2013.

I ran my friend's shop in Cornwall for some years. But after handing it back I took matters into my own hands, was bold and had my own stand at several of the CL Spring and Christmas Fairs and other bigger fairs. At the CL Christmas 2014 in Harrogate I even won the "Editor's Choice Award" for the best stall. Up to now each year I still attend some smaller and bigger fairs. Every time I can't wait to be out there and meet my customers (for more details please see my page "fairs").

Come and find me at my next fair or you can always purchase my products in my online shop.

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